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ROC ED helps promote economic development within the Southland Region by connecting our partners who provide information and resources to businesses, individuals, and organizations that need more support. ROC ED also help connect people with opportunities and support them in their efforts to start or grow their businesses. Additionally, ROC ED helps to create a more positive and supportive environment for economic development by advocating for policies and programs that support businesses and entrepreneurs.

ROC ED believes that economic development is essential for the success of any community. By working together, we can create a more prosperous future for everyone.

 Small Business Relief is Available

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  • If you are looking for entrepreneurial-related assistance from Small Business Development Centers such as marketing, financing, business plans, mentorship, counseling, etc.f you are looking for entrepreneurial-related assistance 
  • If you need a GATA pre-qualification to get grants from the State of Illinois.
  • If you are curious about Participation Loan Program (PLP) under Advantage Illinois and other forms of access.
  • If you are wondering whether your company’s exports qualify you for the ISTEP Program’s exporting grants

advancing Digital Equity

ROC ED Community Conversations

Digital Infrastructure

Leveraging local and state-owned infrastructure to attract partners, subscribers & investors to close digital equity gaps.

Digital Accessibility

Improve access to digital skills training, devices, and high-speed internet. Design technology policy, programs, products, and services through an equity lens that includes race, ability, language, and geography.

Digital Proficiency

Ensure Southland residents have the digital skills to access essential services and participate in a digital economy. 

Digital Safety & Security

Educate residents and small business owners on how to protect computing, mobile phones, and other internet-connected device from harm. Also, advocate for the protection of residents’ and small business owners’ online presence (data, identity, and assets).



Small Business Advisor & Consulting

Serving as a DCEO Community Navigator that provides technical assistance (marketing, legal & accounting services) for startup & emerging small businesses in the Southland


Community Reinvestment

Rehabilitation of a single family homes through purchasing, Resourcing, Resale, and providing on-going property management of Residential and commercial property


Procurement of Capital Resources

Identifying banking supports, equity investors, chambers of commerce and Business Associates for commercial/small business development opportunities


Tech Assistance & Resources

In an effort to close the digital equity gap and it’s impact on small businesses, we Provide Digital Skill Building, Navigation, device Use and Digital literacy at our Community Technology Center Access


Lectures & Trainings

weekly meetings to help businesses address various problem areas in their operations, such as marketing, legal, and accounting

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