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Trivia and Coding Games
Code.org Learn how to talk to the computer with coding
Play KAHOOT! Challenge your friends with fun trivia questions
Spelling and Reading Games
Spelling City Games with this week’s spelling words
Starfall Reading games
Telling Time Games
Basketball game Telling Time
More fun games Telling Time
The United States and the World Games
Explore the World Games to explore your world
Map puzzle game Can you find the states on a puzzle map?
Learn about our 50 States Gives basic facts about each state
U.S. Geography Mega Quiz Use a map to answer fun and interesting questions about the U.S.
Awesome America – Facts and Pictures Gives basic facts about each state
Learn about flags of the world explanation of individual country flags
Math and Money Games
Cool Math 4 Kids Math games
Math Playground Math games
Everyday Math Math practice and games
Funbrain Math and reading games
Learn About Money Money and the U.S. Mint
All Math multiplication table, a metric converter
Arcade Math Games More Fun Math Games
Percent Calculator percentage calculator
Typing Games
Dance Mat Practice typing
Typing Games Practice typing with fun games
Language Games
Pick a new language to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese language guides
Pick a game Various Games by category
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